A month out.. what else to do?

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A month out.. what else to do?
Newport, Australia

Newport, Australia

..but keep the house perpetually clean. We have just signed up tenants who will be moving in May 6th. So we have a few weekends left to get everything sorted out, thrown out, stored and moved for them to move in. Somewhere in amongst all that we need to look at getting some Spanish under our belt.. I have an ITIL course to complete but aside from that we’re looking okay.

We have most of our gear bar a few last minute items, but as I keep saying to Rebecca, if we had to go tomorrow, everything would be okay. Well perhaps if we could wait until we’ve finished our course of immunisations that might be better. Thought I’d had the Hep B course but apparently not, and it’s 3 shots. Most Gen Y’ers would have had it, it’s now evidently one of those standard part-of-school-immunisation-program shots.

Rebecca’s done an epic job crafting out an itinerary for us to follow. I’ve requested plenty of opportunity to do some diving, I’d love to arrive back in Melbourne a PADI Divemaster.. but I have some 49 dives to make up not to mention the coursework and First Aid certs required. Still, we have a lot of time in the Caribbean. Rebecca’s also put most of the itinerary into Travelpod, so we’re hoping to see friends and family along the way.


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