2018 Goals

It’s the 4th of March, what better time than now to finalise my New Years resolutions!

Gonna leave this one as a page because I think it’s something I’ll update from time to time, I’m new to WordPress.. and (see.. I capitalised the P.. are you sposed to..? hmm looks like it) .. I think this is how you blog stuff like this. I dunno, we’ll see.

Here’s the stuff I wanna do this year in all it’s glory. Plus a little running commentary on just how it’s all going. God knows what this will look like at the end of the year.



I had to dig out my old HTML wizardry and forge this damn table below myself.. Are tables not an Internet thing anymore? Appresh please.. here it is:

Goal Cos Why How’s it going?
Complete the CDAA ‘Cave’ Course I’m Basic Cave right now so this is a great next step for me. Good thanks. Scheduled for March 23rd-25th


Complete the PADI Tec 45 Course Cos I’m Tec 40, and Tec 45 gives me a tiny bit more depth, plus longer deco using %100 O2. Good thanks. Scheduled for early May.
Complete the GUE Fundamentals Course Cos it’s a highly disciplined course I think I’d enjoy, plus I love the idea of joinig an expedition style dive with these guys one day. Some early discussion with the instructor.


Do 70 dives this year I did 60 last year. Keeps me diving. Umm not bad. I’ve done 11 at 3/3/18 so a little behind.
Maintain 15k’s per week running Just cos. Good target for me. On track.
Complete a half marathon (distance only) Just want to run 21k. Doesn’t have to be a race. On track.
Can still bench my body weight by 31/12 Just a fitness goal. Still can.
Do the CDAA abseiling course Many of the cave sites need this. Plus it would be fun. Not started.
Read 12 books. Just reduce that idle time by focussing it into reading. Good thanks. 4 books down a 16/04/18
Get a recreational boat license No real reason other than I spend so much time on the water. Would appreciate remembering how to drive a boat. Not started.
Learn to snow board ..cos there ain’t much cool in scuba Not started.

And shit… that’s it. Boring if you’re not at all into diving or keeping fit hey, but I’m sorry.. that’s all I got for now.

But like I said, this is an evolving page so as I come up with ideas, I’ll add them.

Happy New Year.