Dive Report – #212 – Ewens Ponds, Mt Gambier

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Dive 212

Date: 26/01/2018
Site: Ewens Ponds, Mt Gambier
Dive Time: 45 minutes
Max Depth: 9m
Gas: 21%
Max Deco: 0 mins
SAC Rate: 16.8
Temperature: 16c


Okay cool.

So guess what, maybe you’re not a cave diver.. maybe you’re not even a diver, maybe you’ve tried snorkeling once, got some water in your snorkus or some salt in your nose and thought.. ‘this is stupid.. why do this.. ‘.. well the good news is.. that if you happen to be out Mt Gambier way, you as a snorkeler, can just rock up at Ewens Ponds, and without a booking or care in the world, join the cave, and other dives in taking a look at what it has to offer.. ‘boooring’ you say..

Well. It’s not. And it’s not salty, it’s fresh, so worst case you get some water in your snorkus.. just drink.. swallow it up. It’s fine. And keep snorkusing.

‘BOOOOORING!!!…. Murray, you’re so boooorring.. ‘

Well.. just take a look at these beauties. Not even an Insty filter.

More later.. and a vid. But if that’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before, then you must be an alien from outer space, another world, because stuff like this still blows my mind.

So Georgie and I are gearing up in the car-park and it’s full of you lot.. snorkus brandishing, splashing about, tearing out pond-weed, squealing in delight Stop it.

And there you have some of the superiority complex of cave divers. That tut-tutting and eye-rolling you can hear is us folk tolerating having to share such precious resources with those who just don’t know. But nah, welcome.. have fun.

Again, we get the curious conversation and when we’re finally through the sweat of gearing up and trudging in off the pontoon, the splashing about above of snorkelers on the surface, following our dive.

Ewens is a series of 3 ponds…  connected by shallow canals.. hence you can see in the dive profile the surface ascents and descents. Thankfully all ponds are really shallow (none deeper than 9m) so it can be dived almost mindlessly. Diagram below. (thanks CDAA)



Ewens is one of those ‘just hanging about in the water, taking in the atmosphere and stuff..’ cos there’s not a huge amount of wildlife to see.. or even formations of stuff, because they’re all big limestone basins full of pond weed, some bubbling aqua-ducts, a small small schools of fish, and as you traverse the canals, a bit of current and some reed, as the water flushes out to the ocean. So the dive ends up being a bit of a look at each other, get a sense of whether we’re getting bored, move to the next pond.. etc..

Either way, as you can see from the pictures..

Ewens creates an atmosphere that other worldly. It’s serene, quiet and weightless. Nothing moves fast, if at all.. all you have is the sound of your breathing and endless visibility, like you might get in space. It’s a time not to focus much of diving or exploring (although there is a cool cave to poke your head into in the last pond.. ) but to just allow yourself to use the environment to let go.. relax and become part of the environment.

Now uncross your legs, refill your chakra and nameste to Ganesha please.

Seriously though.. do this. You won’t regret the water in your snorkus.


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