It’s March – New Years Goals Time!

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It’s here gang..

That page with that list of goals I talked about way back on New Years Day. Well it’s a page now. Here:  2018 Goals .. or always avail from the front page. It’s going to be one of those pages that just gets updated as we go.

No surprises, it’s mostly dominated by diving and fitness.. I was thinking adding a kind of social/rascalian few goals in there to forge my own little way to an urban dystopia, but I’ve held off on that for now. Perhaps a few things like:

  1. Make an ‘official’ complaint.
  2. Start a conversation with a vagrant.
  3. Explore my comfort with nudism more socially.
  4. Give an irrationally large tip to someone really wonderful.
  5. .. dunno

Those all need a bit more thought.. and perhaps some risk management. But let’s see how that list evolves.

Love you.

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