Disruption, dissonance, discord.. eh

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.. there’s this palpable trend in the business technology world bourgeoned significantly by the emergence of a kind of entrepreneurial start-up culture that is founded in the disruption of conventional thinking..

And by conventional thinking I refer to a culture of establishing a clearly defined, well articulated, system of process and clear procedures that could safely guide a workforce through their days consistently and with clearly defined and predicable business outcomes. There’s safety in clear measurement, in well in-grained expertise, in academic, institutionalised and repeatable knowledge.

All of this provides the comfort and stability to whatever environment it has been fashioned. And it’s repeatable. But for how long does a well cut convention, a system of process serve us in growing, in developing, in changing.

Maybe it’s not so much about process, though a lot of it is.. maybe a lot of it is infused into culture.. where there is a culture not willing to push what is unconventional, is a culture that probably limits the germination of creativity and the flowering of ideas that though might significantly challenge, and might bring discord, might bring brilliance and innovation, simply by positively embracing conflict.

An organisation or person unwilling to adopt unconventional thinking and disruption limits their capacity to change and evolve. Our era is now established on technological convenience and almost endless capacity. The establishment fear of start-ups is ingrained in this capability for the smallest of organisations to leverage what is now endless technology capacity at a fraction of the cost of what that capacity brought only a few decades ago. This enablement drives the smallest of organisations to play, to experiment, to push innovation into corners that would previously have required significant investment, and micro-management to maintain compliance, governance or whatever else rubbish that in a simple context is nothing more than a constraint.

Fear and comfort drive the personal and organisation behaviour to play on the spectrum of risk and change. Institutions governed by stringent regulations and compliance obviously have some work to do to ensure that they are in a position to benefit from a culture willing to challenge the benefits and purpose of such constraints.

If nothing else, recognise the discomfort of positive conflict, know that that those rocks in your guts is telling you something is changing, that there’s an opportunity to take convention, to take repetition, the limiters of change, and to augment them, disrupt them and create something different. Don’t be Kodak, don’t be Nokia or Blackberry or countless other organisations arrogant in their establishment.. re-invent, recognise that feeling and use it as your soapbox to be that one person who did speak up, who said something, stupid or otherwise.. but at least spoken.

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